Thursday, December 5, 2019


Sometimes you need to see a breakthrough. Today sees our youngest daughter finally healing from a sickness, and pug Daisy as well. Not equal in importance, but worrisome, anyway. 

This daughter rarely gets so down, but she immediately pops back up, yet not this time. Blocked salivary gland, something new to us, but causing her pain and flu-like symptoms. I tossed and turned last night, into the morning, trying to think of ways to drain that swollen gland. Went in to see her this morning and she said it popped on its own, flooding her mouth with spit. Not pretty to imagine, but very satisfying. She's already better, and thankfully her body is clearing out the infection. 

Pug Daisy began having her seasonal cough on Saturday, and is just now improving. Tracheitis. A fretful condition that exhausts her, and makes breathing hard. Smushed-faced animals suffer with respiratory issues anyway, but watching her cough so exhausts me as well. 

Goldenseal, echinacea, and a fresh jar of colloidal silver healed our human girl, and echinacea and Benedryl fixed up Daisy. Prayer washed over all. 

Those times when you sit, not seeing movement, but so desperately needing to see God's hand at work. With youngest son and husband sick too, a few days ago, feeling grateful our house is healing. 

Nothing dramatic, but just life. The ebb and flow. Even minor suffering is hard on this momma to witness. 

Again, small mercies.