Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Life in the Smith household. Insane. One child has moved back for the time being with his 3 little dogs. Having to make tough decisions. Re-homing 2 of his puppies, which is wise, though difficult. Can't go into details, but just trying to take care of him. 

And middle daughter is through with helping second son's family in California with their new baby. She's engaged to be married, popping in here this weekend, then moving to somewhere this side of Atlanta. Says she's eloping. Do folks usually announce that? 

Can overwhelmed be a constant state of mind? I'll say to myself, 'This week will be a time of renewal, restoration and rest.'  Then stuff hits the fan and I find myself dealing with more hard stuff. I glance over at the Lord, and ask Him to stick by my side, hold me up, prop me up if necessary. Seems I need a lot of propping lately. 

Learning the importance of dealing with the minute. Loving and nurturing my children. Providing them with safe places to land. Praying without ceasing, because otherwise I'll fall. 

Quiet moments. Teatime. Breathing deeply. Just today.