Monday, January 27, 2020


Sometimes I begin the day feeling crushed. Yesterday was that day. Deeply depressed and anxious feeling for the bulk of the day. Unfortunately I can get so used to sadness that I'm able to function, albeit, not with a spring in my step. 

Our heater kept acting up, the pilot light blowing out. Old system, but still hobbling along. We turned it off last night, with the pilot light on, and so far today, once I turned it on, it's working fine. I do love the comfort of a warm room. 

My problem, with my nagging depression and anxiety, is problems escalate quickly in my head. Catastrophes are always lurking. I seem unable to put situations in their appropriate boxes, but they all have horrible potential. In my head. 

Thankfully today is sunny. The least one's Austalian shepherd puppy, whose name she changed to Luna, is adjusting well. Son's dachshund mix went to her new home on Saturday, which was an enormous relief. But, our mixed breed, Romeo, isn't being so nice.  We've introduced new dogs into our family before, and he's the very first who's proving to be difficult. He'll be fine with Luna, then 10 minutes later behave as if he's never seen her before. Maddening. 

Just today. Baby steps. All those cliches about taking one day at a time. Time heals. Be thankful. 

God is covering me with His wings.