Tuesday, January 14, 2020

{moving on...}

Life is weird sometimes.  And when strange becomes the norm, I dunno, Jesus shines even brighter. Son who came to us with his dogs did a runner. Gone. Whoosh. All his stuff here. Two dogs still here. One new home found for one puppy. No rescue group being involved on our part. Youngest daughter is keeping one puppy, but we have the 4 year old terrier-dachshund to re-home. 

There's a long and detailed story involved with the past week, but not available for public consumption.  Let's just say that truth wins out. Deception, though a useful tool for those who use it, is the enemy's territory and we'll have no part in it. 


My life as an adult isn't running as I expected. Some of our children have chosen the world, no matter how difficult, over Christ. Sometimes sin holds sway, yet eternity lasts a long time. But, of course, try to teach a person who thinks that 'this is all there is' that eternity matters. A theological discussion for another day. 

Life today:  My head hurts. Hazel comes today (happy dance). My house smells like dog. We all need sleep. More prayer over our house is necessary. Barriers to the evil one who licks his lips, thinking he's won, but he is very wrong. So we keep to a routine, which is very healing. Tidy the house a bit, take a long nap with Hazel, who likes to snuggle, and make a hot dinner. Feed our bodies. Feed our souls. 

Life is often a struggle. I may feel battle-worn and look all scuffed up, but greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Think on that. Really think on it. Christ who lives and works in me is more powerful than the enemy. Nothing to do with me. I'm dust, but the spirit of Christ reigns.

Today I'm good with that.