Wednesday, January 15, 2020


When my mental health suffers, my house follows the same path. Spent time after dinner last night tidying up. Swept leaves from the backdoor area, fluffed sofa pillows, wiped off counters, took out garbage and folded a growing pile of clean clothes. 

Extra dogs cause extra mess too. Thankfully they're not noisy, though, and are getting into the routines here. Hoping Vera, the dachshund mix can be re-homed soon. And glad she doesn't gave that stinky dachshund scent. She's sweet as can be, very lovable, but we presently have 6 dogs in the house, though I could probably count my 2 pugs as one dog. Sorta excessive. Romeo, unfortunately, is having to be trained to not eat the two new ones. He came to us about 8 years ago as a stray, so his breed is a mystery. With his aggressive nature,  we wonder. He's sweet with the pugs, but for example, when my husband comes home from work, he barks like crazy even after he's laid eyes on him, like he's never seen him before. Everytime. It's the strangest thing. Once my husband is in the house, Romeo settles. He gets worked up when anyone hugs too. Probably makes sense that he has a tendency to have seizures. 

Praying today can be a quiet healing day. It's rainy and warm outside. Might cook something cozy for dinner. Made scrambled eggs and biscuits last night. Used lard, which is an unattractive word, but, my goodness,  it makes the best biscuits. Thinking I might go to an extra bit of trouble tonight. 

I feel like an emotional storm blew through here this past weekend. Now we tidy up the debris. 

Suggestion for self:  Live my own life, not my children's.  Amen to that.