Thursday, January 2, 2020


So I'm one of those who selects a word for the year. Usually I begin with good intentions, only to get distracted and forget my word. 

Next month I turn 61, which sort of brings me up short. If not now, when? That's my current mindset. When I imagine my next decade number being 70, my eyes roll back in my head. Seriously? Time is whipping past quicker than I can even grasp. 

The watercolor. One of my husband's creations, and one of my Christmas presents. He took an old photo of me and painted my arms open. So he to life, open to my family, open to the Lord. Just open. Taking it all in. 

I'm not that person. I'm fearful and mentally exhausted.  I feel like a field that's been over-tilled and planted and needs to lie fallow. That's me exactly. 

My husband says he wants me to be open to taking care of myself for a change. 

So TEND is my word. Considered making it NO, but that sounded a bit harsh. I need limits. To recognize when my body needs rest, either physical or mental. To recharge and nourish myself. To get treats when my soul needs a boost. And really, to say no when there's nothing left, which sadly, seems quite often. 

Hoping the women I know can slow down and practice more self-care and not feel guilty about it. That this year will inspire some new habits that focus on doing less, and maybe feeling better. 

Take care.