Wednesday, January 8, 2020

{what day is it?}

To those of you, sweet friends, who've sent me emails since Christmas, thank you so much. I'm in a dither, trying to mark stuff off my lists. Keeping in touch is a failing just now. My brain...

Six dogs at present in the house. Oh my. Two of them are Australian Shepherd puppies, which will go to a rescue, hopefully, this weekend. Darlings, for sure, but at 6 months, a handful. Son is drained at this sudden change in his living situation. Returning to your parent's house isn't something to aspire to, but humbling to the nth degree. 

Thankful we have a bed to offer him, and with middle daughter gone, a room where he can close the door, be alone, albeit, his dogs are in there with him at night. Cozy. Blessings on the industrial-sized crate he brought. 

My mantra for many years has been to Just Do Today. Seriously, the best advice I can give anyone. Following it myself, at this very moment. 

For me today means:  school with the least one, taking youngest son to work, leftover spaghetti for dinner, tidy a bit in preparation for company this weekend. Buy another pork tenderloin for Saturday's dinner. Middle daughter's fiance is Jewish (mother's side with a Gentile dad), but while his mom avoids pork of any kind, her son is flexible. Seems sort of 'in your face' to deliberately serve pork to him, but he's been asked, and said it wasn't a big deal. The kids made up the menu and I'll cook it. 

My life is one eyeroll after another.  Told my husband the other day that it feels like we walked onto the wrong stage. I don't always know my lines, but, my goodness, am trying to stay in God's face. 

Guess that's all any of us can do. Thankfully everyone is safe. No tragedies, but life difficulties that we brave through, and hopefully, learn from. Bathing the moments in prayer. 

Hard part (for me) is physical symptoms that tease me. Stomach upsets and twinging headaches. Too much stuff going on. Thankful for small mercies, and as I said, everyone is safe and that makes up for a lot of anguish.