Thursday, February 27, 2020

{focusing on less}

Headache started last night. 

I had 2 hours of alone time around the dinner hour yesterday. Son at work, husband and daughter at church for Ash Wednesday services. Since I gave out after a short shopping trip, I'd decided to pass on church. Amazing to be at home alone, but when everyone got back here, including oldest daughter after work to grab a bite before heading to her apartment, the noise and jocularity was more than I could bear. Head pounded. 

Fine now. A pot of tea. Quiet bedroom. Nothing immediately pressing. Dogs are resting. Chickens are silent as well, after a time of clucking. If you have chickens, you're familiar of the racket they make after egg-laying. Mercy. 

Lately, too much going out and not enough coming in a self-care way. Didn't I make this very statement the other day? 

Need to make tinctures which gives me a rush. Love all my herby stuff.  But I read the news updates and get all twisty. The media would have us in the middle of a plague, but I'm not buying it. Will stay prepared, as we do for the basic winter-time illnesses, but will just try to maintain my ordinary days. 

I looked up SARS, which is likened to the coronavirus, and saw the dates of when it was an issue. For a year it had its way then off it went. I don't even remember that, but I had tiny children to attend to, so was otherwise busy. Clearly we didn't get sick. But seriously, how the heck do you distinguish between this current media lovechild of a virus to the flu? Sounds like the symptoms are so very similar. Everyone who catches flu doesn't traipse to the doctor to get checked out. Am I missing something? Seriously, I'm better off staying away from hard news and sticking with the gossip about Prince Harry and Meghan. 

Slow news cycle or true dilemma? I read the headlines, glance over at the Lord and He says He's got this. Good thing, because I surely don't. 

Today I'll put that thawed roast into the crockpot. Will pick up an on-hold book from the library, which is River Jordan's 'Confessions of a Christian Mystic' with the least one's boxing lesson following later after dinner. 

A maybe full day, but not so much. Feeding my soul needs to be a priority,  so will think on that. 

Take care.