Saturday, February 15, 2020


A pot of cardamom tea, toast with butter and a tiny glass of orange juice. A perfect breakfast tray. My husband says the tea smells like something you would rub on your chest for a cold, but we'll skirt around that comment. Rolling my eyes. This from the guy who had smoked cigarettes when we met, quit years later only to take up vaping, so now he walks around smelling like a candle. I think we're even. 

Thinking on the day ahead. Have the altar flowers to buy and arrange. Kids want to go out, and I need to buy some groceries. There's a wedding shower after church tomorrow, but not sure if I'll bake anything for it. Not really feeling it, if you catch my drift. 

Sitting here, thinking of all I have to do, forgetting that I can think about what I want to do. Two totally separate mindsets. Yes, I like my ducks to be in a row, and it sometimes the ducks need to play. 

Went to the funeral yesterday morning. Lovely. The glassed-in chapel where it was held is in an historic cemetery here that dates back to the 1800's. Lots of monied local families buried there, with ornate monuments marking their graves. Truly gorgeous. 

Afterward, my husband and I went out to lunch at a nearby-to-our-house Chinese restaurant. I always order the same thing and am never disappointed. I do this at every place I eat out... I'll pick one thing and order it, without fail. He tends to be more adventurous, but, I'm telling you, I could count on my one hand, the amount of times he's enjoyed what he's ordered. I'll begin to eat, will watch him take the first bite, and will just wait for it. To his credit and good manners, he never fusses at the waitstaff...well, one time he did with an underdone burger, but that was the exception and that was understandable. But it's like a pixie perches on his shoulder when he enters a restaurant, just waiting to mess up his food. I told him that he needs to just pack his own meal, ask for coffee and I'll order at the restaurant while he eats a sandwich from home. It's become a family joke.

Feeling a bit sarcastic today. 

Sun's out, sort of, not as chilly as yesterday, dogs barking continually in their joy of life, I guess. Books to read. A pretty good day ahead, I reckon. 

You enjoy yours.