Wednesday, February 26, 2020

{slowing down}

Today I'm tired. 

Sweet Hazel had her weekly visit here yesterday and while she is the most laid-back of 2 year olds, I tend to be on hyper-alert while she's here, and that's exhausting. After her daddy picked her up, we scrambled to get to church for pancakes. Then we helped clean up. Came home. Dogs to attend to. Puppy Luna with LOTS of energy. I ended up more tired than I cared to admit. 

I was a puddle. 

This will have to be a slow day. Cold outside with a whisp of, what appears to be, that brisk sort of iciness that comes all the way down here from Canada. Cold days make it easier to enjoy quietness. 

A couple of errands. Taking youngest son to work, buying the least one tennis shoes to wear to a kick boxing lesson tomorrow, hoping for some personal time not spent in only sitting comatose. 

I wear out fast, either in overdoing physically, or absorbing the 'sometimes' frantic energy of my family. Even yesterday, our big dog, Romeo, had to stay behind a baby gate in the kitchen when Hazel was here, because he's just too much. Mellow he ain't. We'd considered a doggie DNA test for him, but the cost is more than the human ones. From our paltry research, he appears to be a German shepherd/black Lab mix. Heavy on the shepherd. Very territorial, lots of energy, always on high alert. Sort of like my husband. Ha! I just want to holler and say, 'Chill out! Stop moving.'

I'll pace myself while daughter and I are out. I will walk slowly, not hurry, look about, maybe buy myself a treat, maybe make something easy for dinner. Sloppy Joes, maybe? I took a roast out of the freezer late yesterday, but it's not thawed enough for the crockpot, and I don't want to use the instant pot today. Will think on plan B. 

Enjoy your day.