Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Today I will be kind to myself, more forgiving of my shortcomings, and will make attempts to rest more. My soul is tired.

Hazel stayed the day yesterday, and was delightful. She's overwhelmed by our dogs, having 2 cats at her house, but she does favor our pugs...who are cat-like in that they stay in one place for long stretches of time. Not scary. Hazel and I sat in the middle of the sofa, her in my lap, one pug on either side of us, and played with her duplos on the coffee table. Then we played with my dollhouse, crammed full of my Peppa Pig collection. Naps. A good day, but exhausting with everything else that goes into a day. 

Today I slept in. It's our 37th anniversary and my woodboy and will go out to dinner this evening. Lots of years. 

He had his 6th month post-kidney donation checkup yesterday and all was well. He'll get a call as to the numbers regarding his remaining kidney progress. Should be fine. It's a very slow recovery, and he's not up to snuff quite yet, but is getting his feisty back, let me tell you. 

Nothing hanging fire the rest of the week. No dramas, I hope. Still don't know where son, who briefly stayed with us in January, is living. I hear from him occasionally, but his whereabouts are in the mist. I have to walk away from fretting overmuch about him. It's a 'pray, take courage from the Lord, and wait' sort of situation. 

In more practical matters:

I need to get a larger kennel for the least one's puppy. It's getting to the place that Luna needs to be folded to fit into her present kennel. Maybe we can take care of that this weekend.  

I just want boring, no questions requiring answers, a tidy house, sunshine, and quiet. 

That's my plan. 

Take care.