Monday, March 23, 2020

{chill mode}

Well, our mayor has spoken.  Beginning at 6pm tomorrow night, we're under the Stay-at-Home and Chill order for two weeks.  This is fine.  My life is so uneventful---and church (closed), the grocery store, drugstore, library (already closed) are my normal routine.  I'm not much of a people person, and neither is my husband, so we're good.  Seriously, the non-essential stores cover the craft store 2 of my children work at here, but the rest of my children (with the exception of our second son who works at a Christian lodge in CA...he's under a stiffer shelter-at-home order, it seems), work in essential jobs. 

As long as we have food, I'm okay with this.  The shutdown was hovering anyhow, and having the law being laid down is sort of a relief.  Oldest daughter, who has a full-time job at the craft store, was a bit anxious about her sick/vacation pay being used during this 2 week quiet time, but we'll see.  She wasn't sure.  Her managers were having a pow-wow this afternoon.

What will change for me personally these 2 weeks in contrast to the past week?  Nothing. 

What really is hard?  Getting my mind focused.  Folks are talking about getting chores, that go undone in the house, finally accomplished and I can't get my head around that.  My energy level is kaput.  The frantic energy online and with some people out in public is contagious.  So draining.  That's my main struggle.  Getting out of my head.   Trying to keep my nerves from spiking during certain conversations.  Hard.  Staying at home.  Easy.

This is a prime time to be a anti-social introvert, that's for sure, and I definitely fall under that category.  While this period of time is very weird and taxes my anxious personality, it's just a season.  Just a season.