Thursday, March 12, 2020

{it's going to be okay}

In a sense, I think it was about time the world slowed down. We've all lived in 'fevered pitch' mode for so long, and eventually stuff burns up. We hurry for no reason, panic if things aren't done quickly, and oddly enough, now folks have to stop.

This is just my take on life, meaning I'm not necessarily correct, but this is how my thoughts are forming. While I'm anxious at the panic I read about online, since it's a contagious emotion, I'm not upset at the world's pace slowing down. In a twisted way, I find it soothing. 

It's almost like waiting for a storm. The signs are supposedly there, folks are warning me of impending doom, but all I can do is live my days, trust God's providence, and rest. And sometimes the clouds just roll on by. No storm. 

One writer online said yesterday that in 2 weeks time she believed we'd be living in the midst of total chaos. No. No chaos. Disarray in some way, in some areas maybe, but not chaos. 

Seems many folks so depend on the world itself to hold them up, not God, that when all that's normal in their world fails, they have no flat surface to stand on. They buckle and feed that dread. 

* * *

Today the least one is painting the bathroom a lovely lavender color. The windows are up. Breezy, cloudy day. I think I'll paint a picture of a cupcake I found. Might read more of Thomas Merton's 'The Seven Storey Mountain.' 

Just doing today. Regular stuff. Slowly. 

Take care.