Tuesday, March 24, 2020

{life on pause}

Our daughter-in-law dropped off Hazel this morning for her regular Tuesday here. She's sleeping now, after waking up her parents way too early (for them) at 6:45am. The least one, who turns 18 next month, put Hazel down for a nap in her bed with a tiny bit of fuss. She told Hazel that Mulan needed a nap. Off she went. 

Our DIL was a tad spastic. Doing graduate schoolwork online with ZOOM meetings, conference calls and the like is proving a challenge. Plus, with the nursery school closed (Hazel goes there W/Th/F), life at home, for her, is more of a juggling act, for sure. We'll have Hazel again for a couple of hours on Thursday, but that's it for babysitting this week. 

Even getting back in the swing of homeschooling with this nonsense is hard. We're all, sort of, zombies. 

Youngest son's birthday is on Monday and I'm wondering when to shop. Life is so weird. 

It's life on pause. 

Lying in bed now, thinking of projects I need and want to do. Funny. Sort of not happening. 

Taking my vitamins each morning, and it's a lot. Keeping in contact with all our kids. Everyone is fine, and that blesses my heart. Really. Yet standing in front of the freezer thinking about dinner, but feeling like each night is like Sunday night. Fend for yourself, because I don't have a clue. 

Thankfully last night I found a roast tucked back in the freezer. That's in the crockpot with some sliced onion, baby carrots and Italian seasoning sprinkled on top. Poured over half a can of leftover Rotel as well. Will add potatoes later, maybe after roasting some in the oven. 

My mood is like I'm constantly on guard. Yes? Like I'm waiting for someone to surprise me at the door and tell me to run for it. I'm not chillin' at ALL. I'm holding my breath. We all get it. 

But I'm reminded of when I buy new clothes. Whenever I buy a new outfit, which is a rarity the older I get, but follow along...I always make sure to wear something old and not all fresh, new stuff. That way I'm comfortable and feel like myself.  I need to follow my own advice here. This situation is all new. I need to re-kindle my regular, settling routines. This will likely burn out soon. Sooner than the media would have us believe.

This new normal won't last. Repeat after me. As I said yesterday, it's a season.