Friday, March 27, 2020

{now is good}

Cleaning today. Part therapeutic, part necessary. It's been so rainy, which is wonderful, but, with 4 do the math. 🙄  I've kept the kitchen swept, but need to mop. And need to wipe the sides of things from dog shaking off muddy water spatters. Thankful yesterday and today are dry. 

About to do the freezers. Refrigerator completed with pretty Pioneer Woman wipeable shelf paper put down. Next up, packed freezers to tidy and organize. Not looking forward to it, but thankful for my loot. I've bought ahead, but really, just stuffed things in there. Not pretty. 

Cloudy and warm today. Husband here, painting trim for bedroom we're (he's) fixing up. Who am I kidding? He and our son at home are doing all the work! I stand there after a bit is done, and cheerlead. 

Hope you're all well. Taking one day at a time. Not living in worry and terror, but resting in the Lord. 

Just do today. It's enough.