Monday, March 16, 2020


Yesterday, before the beginning of our church service, our priest had us pray the litany. Beautiful.

Such powerful words, and so calming. And really, with our President calling for a National Day of Prayer, I got chills thinking of folks across the nation praying likewise. 

Now I'm sitting on the sofa with the pugs. All tummies are full, and we're cozy. I'll make some chocolate chip cookies in a minute. My children at home need normal, and I'll try to provide it. Cookies are helpful that way. 

They went with me to the store today, and rather than feed their potential anxiety, we made light of the empty shelves, rather than fret over them. Some of our purchases were out of the ordinary, but hey, we'll eat. 

And I went alone to the library before dinner. Got a stash (and yes, I always wipe down my books), since the libraries will be closed starting Wednesday. 

We have home chores to do. More of bathroom painting. Planting seeds in trays for our vegetable garden. Maybe do some spring cleaning. Focus on home. Take our vitamins. 

We're good. Take care.