Friday, March 6, 2020

{spring break}

Okay, so I think we can collectively agree that the world is in overdrive, gone nuts mode. Not speaking of anything political, but the media's handling of the trending virus. Good grief. 

For my own mental health, I'm giving up reading the news for the duration of Spring Break, giving my emotional health a much-needed holiday, and will instead putter at home. Too much worry is distracting and steals my joy. And in a more disturbing way, all the nonsense causes me anxiety and random chest pains. I'll have none of that. 

Moving on...

For the first time in our married 
-with-children life, we have an unused bedroom. Sadly it's sorta beat up, so renovations are necessary. It needs the ceiling repaired, trim replaced, and the hardwood floor cleaned. My husband already bought the supplies, plus trim for the bathroom. New beaded board ceiling in there that's needing to be trimmed out as well. 

Things to do. 

Still a bit unclear as to the purpose of the bedroom, but thinking along the lines of a sitting room. There's a treadmill in there, but might find/make a screen to disguise that from the seating corner. Just a thought. 

Retreat, respite, sanctuary, rest, quiet, restoration. These words. Healing. 

Painting, drawing, baking, dusting, rearranging, sweeping, writing, feeding. Blessing. 

The drain of looking at the big picture versus wiping off my kitchen counters, spreading a new tablecloth over my table, or searching for a new recipe in an actual cookbook rather than online. 

The Lord was onto something with His reaction to Babel. I feel like we're sort of there. Too much communication and over-sharing. The internet, to me, is Babel-like. We know one another's business and overlap way too much. It's exhausting. 

We need to return home. Nurture our souls. Be quiet. Actually be still long enough to hear God. He whispers. 

No fear-mongering, but peace of mind. I crave that. 

Take care.