Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Oldest daughter has a mug with a quote on it that says something about needing a day between Saturday and Sunday. Yes indeedy. Feeling that mindset here today, during Spring Break. Yesterday I settled my mind by tidying, dusting and also organizing my art/painting/whateveriwanttodo area/table. My stuff. My spot. I can't be creative in a mess, though I cause a mess when I create. 

My point is:  I require more than one day to recoup and find my rhythm.  Have felt so overwhelmed lately and this break is magical. Bringing order to areas of chaos in our house makes my soul happy. 

Finally feeling myself again (ha, probably temporary), after my own struggles with one son and middle daughter back in January. Just mother worries. Concerns over their choices, but constantly releasing them to the Lord. Our gay son (pardon me for always prefacing that distinction, but his lifestyle affects most of how he lives---the gay community isn't another variety of 'normal' behavior, but there are particulars that set it apart--a topic for another day)...anyway, he's living with a couple of guys, is supposedly not in a relationship, which even he would say, is a good thing, and has gotten a full-time job. He's had a part-time position, but this new one will help him get back on his feet, namely get a car again. 

My children boggle my mind. And yes, choices bring consequences.  

Today will get a few groceries. Not much. Will do my best to keep a quiet heart. Avoid news, though proving to be a challenge. Four cases of the dreaded virus in our state, and the governor is on the edge of declaring an emergency situation. Seriously? Folks have gone nuts. 

People over 60 recommended to stock up supplies and avoid crowds. Okay. Enough already. I'm 61. Rolling my eyes. Shall we discuss annual flu cases, deaths, and complications? Er, no, because drama draws people in and gets their attention. I rest my case. 

Brought in some daffodils from the front garden last night. Beauties. Have plans to recover a couple of sofa cushions, buy paint for our bathroom re-do...thinking lavender, make more tinctures, sit and ponder, but not too hard. Deep thinking gets me in trouble. 

Live life, follow routines and rituals which are settling, and trust God's providence.  That about covers it. 

Take care.