Monday, April 20, 2020

{a sunny monday}

Today I will stop dealing with the hard stuff. I'll sit outside, plant my hanging baskets, put out some seedlings, wash the piles of dirty clothes, hang them out in the sunshine, raise a window or two, and rest my weary soul. 

The least one turned 18 yesterday and the day was full. Today we're tuckered out. Her boyfriend spent the day, and then his family came for dinner. Social distancing? Nah, though a comment was made that we numbered less than ten. The boyfriend's dad is currently undergoing chemo treatment for colon cancer, and with my husband continuing to heal from the kidney donation last summer (long, long process) we're all extremely careful. We refuse, however, to exhibit fear and trembling at sometimes radical restrictions, though I consider our state pretty sensible. We did all hug. Sometimes you just need physical contact. Even that is healing. Thankfully our neighbors behave sensibly. Folks do have family over, shop together, act normal, and don't tattle as is encouraged in other areas of the country. 

Beautiful day. Birds rejoicing. Clean house after company.  Will dig into the freezer for something for dinner. 

Some days are out as far as brain work, needing instead to engage the physical. The least one's schoolwork has suffered, and it's been very hard to reach a balance, mainly because life has been so rattling. Difficult to find a level place to stand. Need to ease up. Expect less, shore up my mental health. Give myself permission to fill up my reserves. Digging in the dirt is perfect for this. 

Take care. Be kind to yourself. Rest.