Sunday, April 12, 2020

{easter sunday}

Seems I can't ever remember being stuck at home on Easter Day. Probably happened with small children, but I can't seem to recall. Very strange for all of us.

My husband helped with the virtual service this morning, just a few helpers there. Ten being the magic number. 

Quiet here. House tidy. Yard mowed and trimmed yesterday, but a very rainy day today. Still, we carry on. Tortilla soup for dinner. Traditionally we have, what we call, the Greek Dish...fillo dough, chicken and spinach pie, but had that recently with youngest son's birthday. Not feeling deeply about celebrating, so lowkey is good. 

Don't mean to come across as melancholy but, you know. 

Just had lunch on the front porch, my daily escape. Carolina Wren calling out. Rain slacking off. Breezes and chilly temperatures on the way. A few dry, windy days would be nice. Our dryer is on the fritz again, and we have to take it apart and figure out what part to buy. It's been a good one, and we've probably been able to repair it half a dozen times. Not sure if that's a good sign or not. Parts keep busting, though, that's for sure. Need wind to dry clothes. As it is, the drum quit spinning yesterday, and I now have a full load hanging up in the room off of the kitchen. There was a time that would've driven me nuts, but not anymore. Same as a car alarm going off out front as I was sitting with the pugs in the living room at about 10pm last night. I looked up, thought that it sounded like my van, but wasn't overly concerned. Turns out it was a neighbor, but there was a time when that would make me jump up. I think my 'flight or flight' nerve is busted. Like, so what! 

Best go in. Getting chilly out here. Please take care and don't take on too much.