Thursday, April 2, 2020


Taking a break with my pugs. Sitting on the sofa. Yard done with kids' help, some weeding as well. The ground ivy is taking over my flower beds, but if I can yank it up, little by little, maybe I can keep it from stifling the flower seeds I've bought. We planted some vegetable seeds in small pots and that gives me hope. The act of checking seedlings each day is a true simple pleasure. 

There are only 2 issues I'm struggling with today, and quite honestly, most days now. I'm at the point of tears a lot, and I'm so exhausted. Yes? Part of it is the admission of having become so worn down by life's pace up until recently. Now, for us, life stops. If I can accept it, it's very healing. I can grieve and be fearful of the monsters out there, but really, my soul is trying to learn to rest. 

Taking days in little bites. Thankful our son at home works for a non-essential company. A neighbor drove by and stopped me outside to chat and hinted that the grocery stores here are hiring. Grateful our son is okay with not applying. I figure since my husband's kidney donation was 8 months ago, I'm glad to keep our home's contamination level pretty low. 

Saw a funny thing someone wrote online. They showed a list of the days of the week, and marked out the first letters so only DAY showed up. Yep. Can't distinguish one from the other. I'm okay with that. 

Take care.