Monday, April 13, 2020

{to be taken with a grain of salt if we differ}

Tonight I'm thankful for individual state's rights, and I'll tell you why. Today my husband and I went to the feed store for chicken stuff...feed, cracked corn and a bail of straw for underneath their coop, and to cover some muddy, squishy areas in their run. My shoes literally sink. We also bought some herbs and vegetable plants to add to the seedlings we've started. I read over the weekend of other states that have been hit hard by unyielding governors. Some folks can't buy bedding plants or even cut their own grass. The plants sit at the home improvement stores to rot and die. In these places, you can visit the hardware store, yes, but can't buy whatever you want/need. They rope stuff off that's considered non-essential with caution tape. Ridiculous. I'm sorry, but bedding plants are very essential. You bruise a person's deepest heart, remove things that heal their spirits, and you're prime for a tussle. People aren't machines to be manipulated to this degree. The stay-at-home rules have been implemented in some places by dictatorial, narcissistic individuals. Power hungry. Do you suppose those governors' residences have overgrown lawns as well? How do these foolish people even get elected? 

I shake my head. 

Chilly here. Kitchen and bedroom window cracked open at all times now. Drafty doors in this old house a plus as we keep the air circulating even with the heater on. I have a theory from all my herbal studies that having folks tucked up inside their homes for the majority of a day exacerbates the problem of this virus, rather than limiting it. My thinking, don't quote me, is similar to how I view homeopathy. You take a tiny bit of a cure, taking in a teensy bit of an herb, and your system adjusts. It strengthens. I see the act of excessive covering up in public as more harmful than beneficial. Yeah, not popular, but I tend (with my husband) to move against the crowd most times. This is our way. 

But, I do load up on vitamins each morning. Iron for my ever-present anemia, vitamin c, b-6, b-12, selenium, zinc, cayenne, garlic, d-3 and a couple of other things, unrelated to the current craze. 

I realize one person's common sense is at odds with another person's views. I'm okay with that. I don't look down on anyone, during this time, who behaves differently than we do. We have to figure it out for ourselves. 

Be well. Sit outside. Resist the news. Pray the Psalms. Mark and bless your doors. We'll get through this, and it will come to an end. Promise.