Monday, April 6, 2020

{warning...rant ahead}

Okay, so I'm conflicted. Seriously, on one hand I'm paranoid and fearful everytime I read of virus numbers regarding deaths and positive readings. Just as strongly, I'm sitting here, shaking my head at, what I believe to be, a deliberate misleading of the public by authority figures using scare tactics. Bloated numbers, inaccurate testing, and the media's ravenous appetite for publishing terrifying statistics, which can't be depended on to be truthful. 

Used to, journalism was, pretty much, honest. You got in trouble for spreading lies. These days, anything can be thrown out there, false or not, spread around, then be taken down after infecting countless minds. Plant the seed... 

For me it doesn't match up. I don't believe one incident *alone* in a land far away caused this new dynamic. I know, not popular. Sounds so far-fetched to me. One thing changes life all across the globe in 3 months? Nuh-uh. There has to be more going on. 

Also, and this won't be popular...I question the total shutting down of most everything. While the slower pace agrees with me and my green friends, it doesn't make sense. 

Say what you will about spreading germs, etc., but the number of infections doesn't warrant, in my book, this police state mentality. And gosh, we've gone along with all of it so willingly. Now, that's scary. Not a peep. 

In addition I'll say I'm a fan of our president. That might sound contrary to my previous paragraphs, but I do like him. His medical team sidekicks, not so much. To suggest we stay away from the grocery stores for a couple of weeks...toss out how many are predicted to die on a certain day...give me a big, fat break. Who does this benefit? A little encouragement might be useful about now. The current trend is to scare us into submission. Sadly, it works. 

So, I'm a skeptic. I question authority.  Usually I don't tend to swallow what's thrown at me without thinking things through. Maybe I'm initially gullible, but when I step back, it's more of a Hey, Wait a Minute, mentality. 

But I'm a little person. I can only work with what I'm presented with and my influence, pretty much, only impacts our small house here. Can't change the world, and don't want that job anyhow. I'll stay at home. Paint the bathroom. Plant seeds. And I'll behave myself, but will sift through what's tossed my way. Suspicious? Yes. Definitely. But it's a healthy suspicion. 

Guess that's my rant for the day. Take it or leave it. But do think things through. Consider your sources. Try to not let the fear-mongers steal your joy. 

Today is good, at least in my tiny world.