Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Seems we've turned onto gardening junkies. If I go to the hardware store for things unrelated to growing things, I have to pull myself away from the plants. 

And it's not just me. My main squeeze went to a friend's hardware store near us on Monday and while he was going there for a hose repair gadget, he came home with 2 rosemary plants, a zucchini, and 2 eggplants. We're doomed! 

Seriously, though...this is my sanity. I'm so mentally spent and getting my hands dirty (my nails are a wreck, but can't work with gloves) is what's keeping me from losing my mind. The world is just too much. Way too much. 

Today:  Puppy Luna is getting her girlie parts removed, so we'll pick her up in a couple of hours. Very thankful for getting that appointment quickly after the clinic reopened. Phase I of normalcy here, but we're not there yet. We left for the clinic at 7:20 this morning, but traffic was more Sunday morning-ish than Wednesday morning-ish. (Picked her up. All good....but taking forever to write this post.)

Freezers full. Bought more meat, husband's orders, and for now, we're set. I buy paper products online, since doing the dance to find them in town is wearing, and not rewarding. Will the shelves be empty, or will they have stuff?  My husband now jokes with the FedEx guy who brings our stuff. Who would've figured, even at the first of the year, that I would be buying such mundane things as paper towels and toilet paper online AND have it delivered? So ridiculous. 

Nothing pressing the rest of the week. The least one's boyfriend for dinner tomorrow, but he's easy. Just need more quiet and rest. No feather ruffling or deep conversations. No news. No dang politicians telling me how to run my daily life. Just an ordinary week. Shouldn't be too much to ask. 

Y'all take care.