Monday, May 11, 2020


Mondays. Fresh start. Turning a page. All that. 

My insides are all wadded up. Avoiding news since it'd gotten to the point that I was experiencing physical sensations when I'd begin reading articles online. Let's just say my skin has begun to be unhappy. Need quiet, busy things to do. 

Spent most of the weekend gardening. My wee little lettuce and spinach seedlings were enjoyed by some night visitor, so I turned the ground and just rearranged everything else out there. Gave my sturdy squash seedlings, which are like little Bulldogs, some room. The edamame plants are troopers too. Oldest daughter gave me a packet of pumpkin seeds, as a joke, but I buried some last night. Hopeful. Rearranged tomatoes, and sweet peppers. Seriously, babysitting the leafy seedlings was causing me stress, so not sorry they got nibbled to death. A relief, really. Only sturdy stuff out there now. 

Half considering doing a pick up order at the grocery store. Not something I've ever done. I've begun to feel this huge sense of dread at the thought of going inside the store, and it's not the virus. It's the people. A friend recently blogged about being out shopping and mentioned the difficulty of speaking and communicating with masks. Yes indeed. I choose not to wear a mask, having very set beliefs about exposure and herd immunity. But trying to 'hear' someone speak with their mouth covered is frustrating, and I'm not hard of hearing! Add to that the habits of shoppers now to behave as if we all have cooties. Start down an aisle only to turn back. Give folks wide berth. Ridiculous. Messes with my head. Heck. Messes with all our heads. 

Today:  Will fish out something from the freezer for dinner, make attempts at schooling the least one. Very unmotivated. Rearrange the living room. Sit on porch numerous times. Drink lots of water. And speaking of gardening...great way to boost your immune system. Sunshine, fresh air, all those little friendly bacteria in the dirt. 

It's my brain that needs gentle care. Deep breaths. Today I'll stay safely at home, away from the meanies, though I realize all mask-wearers aren't my enemy. But just takes one who is rude or vocal to ruin my day. At the same time, I know some mask-wearers are frustrated at folks like me, who don't comply. But still, as of now, it's still a choice. 

Be still. Take care.