Monday, May 4, 2020

{more rantfulness}

Our seedlings are being a tad temperamental. Planted seeds in tiny pots at correct time, set in ground at appropriate time as well. Watering regularly, but still having burn. Lettuce crying out for help, spinach being all sassy and thumbing their noses at the lettuce. Squash excellent and onions doing their best. Lettuce-growing here when it's already sometimes near 80 in the afternoons...not so successful. I should've known better. Curious about the seed potatoes I planted. Time will tell. Potatoes are a mystery since they do all their work underground. I like that. 

Still feeling all sideways. Can't settle. Our 2 children at home are struggling. Not a healthy situation for optimum mental health. Too much fear in folks (my children aren't fearful, but hacked off), too many physical limitations, can't go here, can't go there. Humans are social creatures and extended isolation isn't good for us *at all*. 

Two steps forward.  One step back. 

This store is open. This one not. Shipments are slow. Very slow. Ordered a new clothes dryer. Exhausted at continual repair of this one, though it's been a good beast. Three weeks till delivery. Spoiled, yes. Thankful for clotheslines, of course. 

I think I'm gonna take an Internet break for a week. News is cr*p, social media (dislike that term almost as much as I dislike social distancing) is wearing on my soul, Twitter full of fear-mongering all with the excuse that supposedly we're dry sponges, open to more and more devastating/incorrect/exaggerated news. I'm sorry. My sponge is soaking wet. You can't surprise me or burden me anymore than you already have. And let me just say...I'm not afraid of the virus. I'm sick and tired of how it's taken over in various ways. Like back during the Vietnam war. It's all anyone talked about or breathed. Might sound like a strange comparison, but so what? Life today is more than a dang virus. 

Okay, so it's Monday. Hardware store for sand for daughter's boxing dummy, to weigh down the base. I know. Weird. A new rake, or two. Groceries. Then home. Lots of home, which I'm okay with. 

Ordered back issues of Where Women Cook magazines at 99 cents a pop. More vitamins on their way to keep us on top of things, and hoping my media break (will check emails) will offer some refreshment. Hope so. 

You take care. This will be over soon. Fingers crossed.