Saturday, May 2, 2020

{yes, another rant}

Feel like I've been holding my breath. This might be just me but...while I generally enjoy going to the grocery store, I actually had a panic attack in there the other day. My heart pounded out of nowhere. The breath-holding, I guess. Shallow breathing. Seeing the majority wearing masks (expressions hidden), empty aisles of paper products, dish soap, dried beans, and baking supplies and nagging voices echoing in my head of possible meat shortages was too much. And folks don't look one another in the eye anymore. We're all in bubbles, afraid if we put our guard down, we'll pick up germs. Everyone is the enemy. I hate it. And I buy things when I see them, wondering if I'll regret filling the freezer or having one extra bag of flour. This new normal isn't healthy on many levels.

Our state is reopening in a gradual way. Should hear this-coming week about rescheduling the puppy's spay appointment. Son in non-essential retail will go back to work, though with limited hours. At least I think he will. No word yet. The rumor is out, though. 

This must be what hibernation feels like for bears but without the angst. No, that's natural, and this is anything but normal. 

I'll put this out there too...I believe we've been snookered. I think there's an agenda cooking and it's not just about a virus. How willingly we've acquiesced with all of this. Yes, I understand folks have died, but the alternate reality is that the government-enforced shutdowns all across the world are ruining lives not touched by sickness. Already I'm seeing signs around town with businesses closed and buildings for sale because they've had to cave to the leaders. The fall-out will be tremendous. 

But yes, I believe in God tending to the details, being in charge and holding us close. I have to. But as we scurry along, fearful (yes, me too), we begin to rely on who has toilet paper in stock and become very self-oriented. We hold our cards close, and become like selfish little children who always make sure they leave the broken cookies and take the last one that's whole. 

Greed is a chief culprit. 

Greed in a power-hungry way as we've seen demonstrated by some governors and in the same way shown by shoppers who strip the shelves. And while I've enjoyed clearer skies at night, lower gas prices, and streets that have been quieter yet filled by folks walking, there's not a balance. 

I pray for a settling, and maybe with some a maturing of minds. Caring for others, but not this knee-jerk reaction to fall into the common ranks of folks. Do your research. Use wisdom. We cower and wait to hear when we'll be allowed out of our caves, trusting who? 

I rest my case. Be well and be strong.