Monday, July 20, 2020

{a hot, slow day}

Better today. Depression comes. It often wanes. It goes, though always tickling the back of my thoughts. Sometimes I'll either be doing something in the house or garden, maybe reading a new book and I'll get a rush of well-being. Used to I'd call those moments A Happy Attack.

I was reading a book by Richard Yates over the weekend. Started out so good, hilarious in parts even, giving me that feeling of well-being, then, smack, down it went. The main character sleeping around and was drinking. A lot. Nevermind. 

Sitting on the porch now, eating a late lunch. Slept well. Feeling level-headed. Nothing pressing today. Thinking about refilling the birdfeeder with sunflower seeds. Thinking about putting the sprinkler in a shady, dry spot. Only motivated to do inside work, though. Need to clean out the chicken coop. Nah. Inside work. 

Not so humid today. I can sit here and enjoy a light breeze. And I really do enjoy Mondays. They're usually 'tidy the house' days. 'Rearranging and refreshing the house' days. 

Some of my flowers are gasping. Will water when the sun isn't so determined. Give everything a long drink. Make an easy spaghetti dinner from freezer ingredients. No baking.

A good day. No worries.