Friday, July 31, 2020


Newly married daughter on her way in town with new husband. Oldest daughter will bring by new fiance tonight to show him off. House clean, about to go buy some fill-in groceries, things unavailable while shopping earlier. Looks like rain, so will head out soonly. 

Big dog Romeo acting weirder than usual lately. Lately he growls when I'm in the room with him and puppy Luna. Jealousy? Growls at her. He tends to have seizures when he's stressed, and company this weekend is a definite stressor. He had a mild episode yesterday, collapsing on the kitchen floor. He rallied, but it's worrying. His brain must be fried. 

Can I have a life of ease, please? 

Keep tripping over speed bumps. Life continues to grab and squeeze. 

Husband texted me while I was at Walmart with the kids yesterday. He asked how it was going. Honestly, how can a person shop there when so many shelves aren't marked with prices? It's a toss-up to see how much I've spent when we check out. As if life isn't already trying enough? Oh me. Lesson learned. 

Not a grumpy pants day, no matter how it looks. Anxious to see daughter. She gives tremendous hugs! 

Just trying to catch up.