Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Today was a Hazel-y day. She was full of delightful energy. I was not. Up till 3am or so last night, worrying about a child. Praying their choices line up with what the Lord has set aside for them. Not sure what He thinks, but I know what I think. Clarity and wisdom. Always good choices. 

Tomorrow I will putter at home. Do a quick tidy-up, then tend to my soul. Maybe finish a canvas I've started and allowed to gather the slightest bit of dust. It's a painting of cakes. Maybe plan out the curtains I want to sew for the dining room. Thrift store polished cotton, nice and crunchy. Plenty of yardage. Think about August and show it some respect because I totally missed what June and July were trying to tell me. Gosh. They've flown by without me paying a bit of attention. 

Just staying home sounds so excellent. Was at a store with 2 kids yesterday, and not a pleasant experience.  Talk about folks being grumpy pants. So suspicious. The news reporters would do well to offer some smidgen of encouragement. Apparently we're all doomed, according to them, and all the folks at the store had read the same article. My husband had to go inside the bank last week, mask on for heaven's sake, and a woman who passed him in the foyer actually hugged the wall to avoid getting too close. She needed to stay at home. That's just ridiculous. We've turned into cartoon characters. 

Not a very pleasing time to be alive, and don't mean any disrespect, but really? Tomorrow I will refresh myself. Turn off my thoughts and mothering worries. Resist fight or flight mode. Make a good, hot dinner. Rest. 

You take care.