Monday, July 13, 2020


Stayed in from church yesterday, last minute decision, but so tired. Figured after my tea I would putter in the garden, pull weeds, sit and cool off, then repeat until I was done. 


After I put a roast in the crockpot, the least one invited her oldest, newly-engaged sister to dinner, complete with fiance. No gardening, but house tidying instead. All good. House is all dusted and happy today. 

Best part of company is a clean house the day after. Sorry, that sounds mean, but coming from anti-social me, it's honest. We had a good visit, still getting to know this new young man, but still a bit stressful. Today is quiet. 

Will manage that overdue weeding, fertilizing, and sweeping of the porch. The two kids who still live here left on a store run just now. Masks stuffed in pockets. They'll pick up some half and half for me. I did a sizable grocery shop on Saturday, and appreciate them helping out, even for small things. 

I can think today. Lots on my mind. Two daughters engaged. Middle daughter lives away and will have a desired courthouse wedding later on this month. No family. She's always been of a mind to elope, and this is the next, best thing, I guess. Hope she doesn't second-guess herself later, when she comes in town for her oldest sister's November wedding. 

It's a lot to take on. My husband rolls with stuff to the extent where he doesn't get blown away. But if he questions my stress, I'll counter back with the reality of what the past 12 months gave held. It's been overmuch. Sometimes he gets it. He tries. Our tolerance thresholds are different.  

One benefit of this virus has been home projects getting done. Bathroom redo about finished. Old pine (new to us) floor in there needs sealing. That's all. Ceiling in front bedroom done, trim refreshed, and our first spare room in YEARS! Turning it into a sitting room, but still full of an accumulation of things without settled homes. 

Tomorrow Hazel comes! Haven't seen her in a month, with son initially testing positive. His test results were negative this past week. He never was ill. Yes, thankful, but not surprised. 

Today mental restoration. Needful. My children might whirl about me, all excited with life, talking fast, but these quiet days are so refreshing. No outside of the house errands, being that it's so toxic out there, especially in a mental-health sort of way...and my cozy old house is so satisfying. 

Do rest. Kick back. Stay home when you can. Haters gonna hate. They're all out there, but don't need access to your homelife. Life will settle eventually. Always does, but the new will be different for a bit. 

This is today.