Saturday, July 18, 2020

{saturday afternoon}

A mentally trying day. 

To wake up sad, not having anything happen to precipitate it, is always hard. Sleep interrupted 2 nights in a row, concerns over my girls lately and how they aggravate one another, and life 'out there.' Not much to get excited about, but don't mean to be such a Debbie Downer. I struggle to find a happy place. Maybe I should instead, languish in the sad, quit fighting it. Who knows? Right this minute, I'm just glad to be home. Safe in a cool house. 

Bought the newest 'Victoria' magazine today at the grocery store (when I picked up church flowers), the September issue, which was a tad encouraging. The fall magazines are popping up, and looking ahead to cooler days sounds wonderful, or if not wonderful, then, at least, a change. Blazing hot lately, and even porch-sitting is damp work. 

After shopping I arranged the church flowers, returned the pressed altar linens to their drawers, came home and ate delicious watermelon.  Dinner is leftover Inside-out Ravioli, which reheats a treat. 

Think I'll do a house tidy. Vacuum while dinner heats up, maybe run the mop across the kitchen floor, and throw a clean tablecloth over the dining room table. Make order to settle my mind. 

Sometimes small efforts give generous rewards.