Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Saw my Hazel yesterday. Before she came, her mom texted me and said Hazel was so excited to come, kept running around saying, 'I miss my Millie. I wanna go now!' Can't beat that. It'd been a month yesterday since we'd seen her. She'd grown! Two years, nine months of cuteness. 

So, it'll be a slow day today. Will root around in the (messy) linen closet for something sentimental to put in a box for middle daughter. I'm sending her my mom's pearls to wear on her wedding day, and will attempt to put a couple of more things in the box. I have a bar of sandalwood soap, and will tuck in a card as well. Hopefully I have something old and pretty to wrap the pearl box in. 

House tidy. Nothing pressing. Will be kind to myself. Water the garden again at dusk. Another hot one. My husband cut me some stakes yesterday and I'll replace a couple of broken ones. Bang those suckers in.  Our tomatoes are producing at such a rate, they're toppling over. The sweet little eggplants will need staking as well. So far, we have two biggish thumb-sized ones. Growing daily. 

Some days are for restoration. Today. Thinking oldest daughter will be cranking into gear for her November wedding soon. I will relish the quiet now, because she's so (understandably) excited. Once she gets going, we'll be caught in her whirlwind.  

Nice to be at home. No drama today. Awesome.