Thursday, August 6, 2020

{full stop...sort of}

Today:  wash sheets and maybe hang them out. Cut back black-eyed Susans for a fall bloom, quiche for dinner and possibly some fried eggplant from the garden, tidy up the house a bit...that's all. 

In regards to the book I mentioned this week called 'The Sparrow,' I can't recommend it. Interesting story, but the climax, which, oddly enough comes at the tail end of the book, is so disturbing and I couldn't quite get my head around it. Some places my thoughts don't ordinarily or even voluntarily go. This book sent me there. Um no. 

Kids at home craving BLTs, so they're off to buy bacon. My kind of day. Lollygagging at home, eating, and doing whatever. No hard decisions but how much to eat, when do you want to drink that much-coveted iced vanilla coffee, or what book to read next. 

Sometimes our minds need rest. Poor brains get exhausted. I'll be kind to mine today. 

Take care.