Wednesday, August 5, 2020

{mind your mental health}

Who gets teary-eyed at the grocery store? Well, I did today. Life is just too screwed up. 'Smile with your eyes,' I hear folks say, but few comply. Just a buncha cattle grabbing our groceries, listening to the ever-vigilant voice over the intercom reminding us to mind our distances. Please. We get it. 

This has already gotten old. And leaving the house messes up with my head. I woke up anxious, shopped as quickly as possible, and rejoiced after the last bag was put on the dining room table. Beep van. Close and lock door. No monsters. 

And again, it's not about getting sick, but the mental climate 'out there.' Not healthy. Paranoia is not healthy. 

So to combat the nonsense, I've made a nice, hot dinner. Chicken Puttanesca, Brussels sprouts, seasoned rice, and garlic bread. Food I can cook, comfort our souls, and send us to bed well-fed. 

It's always the little things:  Just being home. A clean bed. Freshly washed towels. A scented candle burning on the stove after dinner. Hot tea in the morning. Quiet conversations. No drama. 

Dinner's ready. Time for the second act. 

Take care.