Monday, August 10, 2020

{searching for quiet}

When a person struggles daily with depression, any lifting of the darkness is a huge blessing. I'm feeling that this very minute. 

Watched a movie on my laptop last night, began taking a supplement for my thyroid (when you're into herbalism like I am, the supplies are most always at hand), and have planned an 'alone time' outing for this afternoon. These things are all good baby steps because my mind has been in a numb state for so long. 

I have to reset my wee brain. Have been in pandemic crazy mode for too long. Enough. Must dig out my sense of humor, because life outside my house is way too serious right now. Not healthy. 

Told a friend I'm scheduling a staycation for the last week in August. I'll shop ahead, tidy up any loose ends, and will focus on my personal well-being. I figure with our oldest daughter's wedding coming in November, the pace for her will pick up, then the rest of us will be gathered in the swell. Quiet time beforehand sounds beneficial. 

I'm easily overwhelmed on a slow day anyhow, so need time to gather my own thoughts. 

Today is blistering, but, even so, the angle of the sun is beginning to change. Rain possible tomorrow, which would be a treat. We're getting parched, and there's only so much a sprinkler is capable of. 

Dinner? No clue. Chores? Ditto. Mental rest? Check.

Take care. There really are monsters out there.