Wednesday, August 19, 2020

{staycation day one}

So...for the first time in almost 30 years, I have nothing steady on my schedule. It's like retirement, but not really, or maybe it is retirement. 

Last day yesterday of regularly watching Hazel as she begins full-time, in-person preschool next week. No children to teach here at home, no scribbled notes on the calendar regarding schoolwork or deadlines. No grimacing over math, which always drove me nuts. Too linear, I guess. Maybe I'm more of an abstract thinker. Less black and white, more grey. 

In one word. Freedom. In another word. Ease. 

Always there are projects, things I want to do and don't seem to find time for. Sewing up new dining room curtains, touching up trim paint, and just being idle and guilt-free. But with my past being full of children-related chores, my time of doing pleasurable things has been limited, or trimmed out with a tad of guilt. 

No more. 

Today an outing with our two children at home. A sweet deep conversation with youngest daughter. Mothering at its best. 

Sitting here thinking about something simple for for dinner. Pancakes maybe. Perhaps a movie on my laptop later on. Robert Benson books to reread ('Home By Another Way' and 'Living Prayer' for now). Lots more underlining. 

Needing quiet so badly. My staycation began in earnest today. And while nothing much will change to anyone but me, it's more of a mindset. 

Today is good.