Friday, August 21, 2020

{staycation day three}

Why am I always surprised? Read a bit of news this morning and saw that 2 tropical storms/hurricanes might head into the Gulf next week. Supposedly the first time that's happened since the Depression. Honestly, that is strange, and startling. One is enough, but two? Glad I don't live on the Gulf. 

But back to being surprised in other ways. One child shared a conversation with me she'd had the other day, and my expression made her laugh. I've definitely not heard it all. Ha. Joke's on me everytime. 

So, in keeping with my mood, in trying to deal with the frustration of that new knowledge, I finally sewed up little gathered curtains for the top of our 2 dining room windows. Also made a matching curtain for the French door that goes out onto the front porch. Typically I have to replace that curtain because when Romeo hears the mailman or any delivery truck, he attacks the door, running his claws through whatever curtain happens to be hanging there. He's about to turn 10. Shouldn't he be past this stage? On a lucky, lowkey day, he has the presence of mind to calmly nudge the curtain aside with his nose. 

Doing household work, which is never-ending, is satisfying when you just need to talk to God and your own self. Muttering along, I get lots done. Today, though, with nothing pressing might be a super slow puttery day. My brain is sort of rung out. 

On a more humorous note...I ordered a used book online and chose a local seller so I would get the book quicker. Silly me. Again, always something new. Shipped out from our city, then went to Illinois, and is now in Ohio, expected delivery here tomorrow. All for $3.70, free shipping. And we wonder why our postal service is losing money? Seriously?

I roll my eyes. 

We all need to take a collective deep breath. Raining today. Perfect for me. No worries inside my house, all outside. Stay away monsters. 

Take care.