Wednesday, August 12, 2020

{yeah, me thinking again}

A home day. Hazel here yesterday, so we rest today. High energy we're not. 

Thinking about stuff...

Remember when we were so enchanted by how the Italians responded to the virus, singing in unison on their balconies? So encouraging, really, and funny how we never figured we'd be hit so hard as those darn talented Italians. We fussed at the lack of paper products. Watched folks pass by the house going on walks...people who had to stay home, people you'd never seen before. To mask or not to mask. Staying home from church. 

Now we're in the true trenches, no end in sight, so they say. Wow, that's encouraging. Way to boost our mental health. 

Oldest daughter works retail in a store outfitted with plastic roller-type shields dividing workers from customers. Sometimes she has to get on this side of that barrier, however, and yesterday was scolded by several, yes several, older female customers (I'm 61 and allowed to use that term) for allowing her mask to slip under her nose. Deep breaths. 

She said that rather than address the issue politely, the customers were at once confrontational.  Everybody is so smart. Smarter than those who wear masks for a full 8 hours, and suffer from muzziheadedness (my word for the day) from sucking their own carbon dioxide for long periods of time. Daughter said that even after leaving work, she still felt light-headed. People who wear their masks briefly to shop don't seem to be aware of this phenomenon. I'm here to tell you. 

Go to the grocery store, unloop your mask from one side for a few seconds and get the look. Folks have forgotten good manners. 

I know we're worried, and all of us are facing the unknown, not knowing WHO to believe. But politeness counts no matter. 

Concerned about 2, almost 3 year old Hazel starting preschool, wearing a mask. Forget for a second the focus on the physical and look at the mental health issue. People look at facial expressions. How will small children deal with this long term? Does anyone even care? Have we become so hardheaded that 'across the board' rules are our new way of life? And even at lunch, Hazel was educating me on germs. That's just sad. She should be talking about fairies and puppies. 

I get it. Folks are scared, grasping at any form of control they can identify and making little mask comments seems to satisfy them. But be nice about it, or, better yet, just stay home, though to my ears that sounds rude. Know that everyone isn't living your life, and some masks aren't very breathable. Chill out. Wear your mask and move on. You're protected! 

To hear my retail-working children talk, apparently the world at large has forgotten that it's not all about 'them.'

 Be nice. It's really not hard. 

Okay, off my high horse now, though not quite sure anyone who reads this even needs to hear it. But sometimes you need to air your own thoughts. 

Take care.